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We aim to understand your needs, help you manage your business and achieve your goals. We do this by our commitment to a personal and quality service.

Services that we offer

In order to meet your needs, we are able to offer a wide range of services.

Financial Planning and Advice

Through our association with Axiom Capital Management, we are able to refer you to information on various products to improve your business and investment opportunities. Axiom Capital Management is able to help you place your funds in order to fulfil your objectives. Services provided by Axiom Capital Management include:


investment advice


superannuation and rollover advice


gearing strategies


social security advice


retirement planning advice


estate planning advice


management portfolio services


personal risk insurance

Business Management and Monitoring

To run a successful business, you need up-to-date information. This information includes budgets, cashflows and monthly management reports. Finance institutions require this information to be provided in addition to income tax returns and historical financial statements to support finance proposals and to monitor existing facilities. At LWK we are able to prepare these reports for you or we can support you with guidance and training.

Business Valuations and Feasibility

These techniques are used to determine the viability of a business or project. When considering a business purchase, we can advise if it is over or under priced. These techniques are also useful on the sale of a business as we can assist in determining its true worth.

Tax Planning and Consulting

We know that nobody likes to pay tax. We are able to recognise when you are paying excessive tax and can suggest methods of reducing the liability by looking at alternative structures. On the purchase or establishment of a business we can identify the most tax effective structures. Areas of specialist advice include:


corporate and personal tax planning


superannuation, negative gearing and profit sharing


salary packaging


corporate and trust structures


international taxation

Migration Services

LWK not only offer the necessary services to bring prospective migrants into Australia, we also provide continued support and advice once they have settled here. The services we provide include:


counselling and advising prospective migrants on the categories of migration and their respective requirements under the present migration policy


preparation and lodgement of the migration application


advising on taxation and business structures; and


continual taxation and accounting support after settlement in Australia.

Accountancy and Business Reporting

This is designed to assist you in providing accurate financial information on a timely and cost-effective basis. The information prepared is a management tool and should be used as a basis for decision-making. It meets the requirements of management, lenders, shareholders and the Corporations Act. We are able to provide you with the following:


advice on business structures from sole traders to listed companies


preparation of management, interim and year end financial statements


training to you and your staff on the maintenance of financial records from manual cashbooks to computerised ledgers; and


maintenance of company registers, together with the preparation and lodgement of Australian Securities and Investments Commission documents.

Tax Return Preparation

Under the current taxation system, there are many complex issues which must be considered. This service includes:


advice on income tax, pay-as-you-go and capital gains tax


advice on other taxes including goods and services tax, fringe benefits tax and land tax


to ensure proper record keeping in accordance with legislative requirements; and


preparation and lodgement of tax returns from individuals to companies

Audit and Investigation

This involves putting your resources to best use by combining modern analytical systems and tools. Critical to this process is the review and analysis of the systems, operations, controls and profitability of your business. At LWK, we provide an independent assessment to show the true and fair view of your affairs.


Due to constant changes in Government policy, superannuation has become a complicated fact of life for all employers. Responsibility has been imposed by both Government and industry groups resulting in further record keeping. We are able to assist in keeping you abreast of changes relating to your superannuation responsibilities.

Business Start Up

Starting a business involves a wide range of issues such as due diligence, business structures, finance, employment, registrations, insurance and many others. The Partners have been in business for over 30 years. We are therefore able to provide you with support to deal with these issues based on our experience, complimented by the knowledge drawn from our diverse client base in various industries

Property Investment and Development Management

A detailed project feasibility study would help you to decide whether your property investment is financially sound and tax effective. It also helps to manage your property development project effectively. We can assist you to prepare and monitor this feasibility study.

Event Management

A successful event needs a dynamic action plan which includes appointing a professional team, preparing a budget, planning appropriate activities, dealing with taxation issues and preparing a financial report for the final review. We can provide advice and assistance towards a successful event.

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