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Mission Statement

“At LWK, Your Business is Our Business.”

We aim to understand your needs, help you manage your business and achieve your goals. We do this by our commitment to a personal and quality service.

Personal attention and our commitment to your needs

We aim to understand your goals and to assist you in meeting them in a cost-effective way.

Each client, regardless of size, is dealt with individually by a partner and at least one professional staff member. In this manner, the client builds relationships with the partner and staff, creating at least two contact points within the firm.

We offer practical solutions. We advise you in advance of the costs likely to be involved and of our invoicing procedures. In addition, you are supplied with monthly statements so that costs are easily monitored. Fees are based on the time necessarily incurred on the assignment plus disbursements. The firm is always conscious of the relationship between the amount of the fee and the value of the work provided.

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